A Coffee a Day Keeps the Inches Away!
Coffee lovers rejoice! The days of ditching your much loved morning coffee whilst eating clean or detoxing are gone. For good. We’ve found a daily blend that not only tastes great but aids weight loss too!
Tell me more, I hear you say?

Well our Skinny Instant Coffee is full of weight loss boosting ingredients like chromium and green tea. When used on a daily basis, these natural elements will not only give you your morning coffee fix but also help to detox the body, boost the metabolism and maintain blood glucose levels. Perfect for beating those afternoon sugar cravings!

This instant and creamy drink is so mild that you can tailor the flavour by adding your favourite coffee granules, milk and sugar to taste, and non-coffee drinkers love to sip it too.

It’s a steal at just ¬£19.99 for a two week supply, during which you’ll see your food cravings disappear and weight dropping off before pack has been slurped away.

So how do you get your hands on this delicious Instant Coffee?
Drink the inches away by ordering here!

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