1 Hour Inch Loss Lipo Wrap kit


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Natural Beauty Slimming’s award winning wrap kit has helped our community DROP A DRESS SIZE IN ONE HOUR. Customers have also reported their stretch marks fading after using our wrap kits. Perfect for that special occasion or night out, The results are unrivalled and our customers say its the best in the UK.

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  • Need a quick fix with no time to diet? Visible inch loss in just 1 hour!
  • Need to fit into a dress – maybe a wedding dress?
  • Looking to shrink a particular area of your body?
  • Need your neck, arms, bingo wings, legs or waist smaller? Our customers reported double chins shrunk by 50%
  • Fed up of trying to hide wobbly bits? Get a more toned and firm appearence
  • Natural detoxifying agent and semi permenant
  • Need a trusted company, used by hundreds of celebrities?
  • Contains over 70 trace minerals tightening loose tissue
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Our famous spa styled inch loss body wrap kit can help you to lose up to a dress size in just one hour! The kit consists of wrapping bandages and a 500ml tub of body contouring clay which is a renowned, trusted and pure solution that gets inch losing results, fast! Our customers have also reported drastic improvements in stretch marks and sagging skin, and it can reduce a double chin by up to 50% in just one go! How does it work? This is a effective clay solution in the inch loss body wrap derives from weathered volcanic ash. It is one of the most effective natural detoxifying agents available containing over 70 trace minerals to help detoxify your body, tighten loose tissue, improve cellulite and can result in exceptional and lasting inch loss. Used regularly, the Inch Loss Body Wrap can help you maintain your new toned, slimmer shape and is used for many different problem areas. These include tightening loose skin or stretch marks after pregnancy, toning the upper arm area, eliminating toxins from the body, to stay as firm as possible whilst dieting and to maintain your overall shape and firmness or fit into clothing that is currently too tight. How to use: Have a hot bath or shower and dry brush or exfoliate the areas you wish to treat. Ensure the area to be treated is clean and dry and no creams or lotions are on the skin so that the pores are open and are ready to receive the clay. Decide which treatment areas you wish to wrap. You can choose to do a full body, a partial body or spot treatments. Full body wraps start at the ankle and work upward wrapping the entire body. Partial wraps could be your legs, arms, stomach or hips. Measure each body part prior to the treatment, and then record the results afterwards. The tape measure should be wrapped firmly on dry skin, but not too tight. Always be sure to stand in the same position (arms up or down) for accurate re-measuring after the wraps. Smooth the clay over the whole area to be treated, massaging firmly into the skin, then apply the bandages (warmed, if possible) on the lowest part of the body and work upwards, wrap the bandages firmly but not too tight. The whole area to be wrapped should be covered in clay, massaged in, if doing your tummy, massage clay into the tummy, sides and back. Once you have the bandages on, you need to wrap the bandaged area in cling film as tight as possible with plenty of layers so that it feels like a corset, it should be uncomfortably tight but not painful. Put on a warm robe or blankets, relax with a cup of herbal tea and a good book and stay in the wrap for 60 minutes (or only 10-20 minutes if wrapping your face or neck). Ingredients 100% natural, sodium bentonite clay, rehydrated with water Add one of our wrap kits to your basket today to see the results for yourself!


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