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Basic Startup REP Business Kit

Become a representative today with our basic Nb startup kit. Your kit contains your contract & Rep training pack and training information. When you become part of our team you will also be given the opportunity to earn  recognised qualifications is Healt & Nutrition, Child nutrition, Social media and marketing, all of these courses are free and give you the chance to learn, grow and give the best service you can to your clients. In 2016 we are growing our company and will also be offering further career opportunities in our regional offices. You will be given the opportunity to further your career. We dont operate on a multi level system. Our company is unique in its simplicity, clarity and exceptional opportunites in furthering your career. This kit is worth over £40 and once you have ordered and received yours and sent back your contract our HR manager will call you for a chat and get you started in minutes. Take the leap and join the best team online!