Yazmin Oukhellou EXCLUSIVE: TOWIE star PULLS OUT of show

Yazmin Oukhellou EXCLUSIVE: TOWIE star PULLS OUT of show as she battles with ‘severe depression’… after jetting to Marbella for holistic retreat

TOWIE’s Yazmin Oukhellou has reportedly pulled out of filming for the ITVBe show to jet to Marbella for a holistic retreat, as she battles with severe depression.

A source exclusively told MailOnline that the 25-year-old star’s mental health struggles are so bad she ‘hasn’t wanted to get out of bed,’ but has the full support of boyfriend James Locke as well as friends and family in her recovery.

Yazmin was snapped breaking down in tears as she visited the Holistic Bootcamp on Sunday, after a furious row with co-star Amber Turner saw her brand her ‘disgusting’ and ‘pathetic.’

The source said: ‘It’s true that Yazmin has gone to Holistic Bootcamp in Marbella to escape her troubles. Things have just got too much for her on the show and issues with various cast members have really got her down. She’s a very normal girl with no ego and she doesn’t need that negativity in her life.’ ‘She’s been treated for anxiety there but it’s not been revealed that she’s also being treated for severe depression that has been debilitating to the point where she hasn’t wanted to get out of bed.’

‘Flying out to Spain to work with Rob Hisee was the only answer for her. James (Locke) her boyfriend is behind her 100% and like her friends and family, just wants her to back to her old self and well again.’

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Yazmin Oukhellou for further comment. This comes as Yazmin was seen breaking down in tears after arriving at the Spanish retreat over the weekend, with a member of staff comforting her as she took a break from the sunshine.

The star had appeared melancholy as she arrived at London’s Stansted airport last week following another week of Essex drama.

Tension had been brewing between the brunette and fellow TOWIE star Amber Turner, which fans saw play out on Sunday night in an explosive fall-out when their boyfriends got involved. But when Yazmin tried to apologise for the insults she threw at Amber, the blonde beauty wasn’t ready to forgive her former pal, branding her ‘disgusting’ and ‘pathetic,’

Looking emotional, Yazmin said: ‘I just don’t know how it’s got like this, it’s got so nasty. You were actually one of my good friends. I feel like you exclude me from everything.’ Amber snapped back: ‘Well, that’s ridiculous!’ ‘I found out that you called the restaurant and club, and asked for my table to be moved. I was embarrassed,’ Yazmin countered.

‘It was never that, I asked them to do me a favour and not have us in the same place. Do you really think I want to cross paths with you after our blazing row?’ Amber shot back angrily.

‘I didn’t want to be near you after you were shouting those comments at me at the festival.’ She continued: ‘I think it was pathetic, for you to say “you’re boyfriend is going to cheat on you”, it just shows immaturity. Shouting at Chloe and Courtney, people who have done nothing to you, is disgusting.’

Yazmin admitted she was ‘stupid and immature’ and said: ‘I will speak to them and apologise, because it was disgusting.’

Amber went on: ‘I think deep down you know I haven’t done anything wrong,’ as Yazmin countered: ‘Well, I don’t feel like you’re genuine!’ Amber rolled her eyes and said in frustration: ‘I think that’s an excuse. You were half egging him [boyfriend James Lock] on.’

Trouble had been brewing between Amber and Yazmin Oukhellou in recent weeks, with the latter upset about being missed from the girls’ nights out, and things only escalated when their boyfriends get involved.

The drama transpired when Yazmin asked Amber why she hadn’t been invited out with her female co-stars, which prompted the pair’s boyfriends James Lock and Dan to step in to defend them.

SOURCE: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6206031/Yazmin-Oukhellou-EXCLUSIVE-TOWIE-star-PULLS-severe-depression.html

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