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Founder of Natural Beauty Slimming

My name is Nicola, The founder of Natural Beauty Slimming. I started this company after going through my own personal weight loss journey. It wasn’t easy! I tried so many diets, fads and diet products – many of them didn’t work which was very disheartening. Then I found some that did – I couldn’t believe it!

Once I got my figure back I wanted to help others lose weight as I know how hard it can be – particularly with a lifestyle. I am a mum, I work and know the struggle is real! I developed a wonderful range of 100% natural supplements that really get results.

I only work with ‘easy to follow diet plans’ which are supported with knowledge from our friendly (and qualified) team of consultants across the UK. I know that supplements gave me the helping hand that I needed and our personal support can help you to achieve your goals too

Nicola x

A little bit about us

Natural Products, Real Women, Awesome Results

At Natural Beauty Slimming, we make 100% natural weight loss products that work and have over 200,000 happy customers across the UK and beyond.

However, we don’t just sell awesome products, we offer a service that you just won’t find anywhere else.  Anybody can walk into a high street shop or online store and purchase a pot of the latest weight management pills… but no clue what is safe to take with their medication and what is right for their body and their goals.

Our team of consultants are trained with the knowledge of how to use supplements and the support, encouragement and overall motivation that you need to succeed.



Our job is also to bring a range of natural products to people who’ve found themselves heavier than they’d like to be, and who need a helping hand to start moving in the right direction.

We know that strict diets make you miserable, and so we make weight loss simple, without it taking over your life. Our products are scientifically formulated, tested in a lab as well as with real people, and made to the highest quality industry standards, so you can rest assured they are 100% safe and side effect free providing you let us know of any existing medication that you are taking.

We know that lots of people are sceptical from past experiences with the diet industry, we have all seen the scare stories in the press, the unregulated websites selling illegal and dangerous products, and we are here to show you the safe natural NB way!

We have grown so much in the last 4 years, from a tiny group of 150 women helping each other out, to hundreds of groups with 1000- 38000 in each!

So let’s get you ready to embark on this wonderful new chapter of your life, we are here to help you and get the best from you and welcome you into the NB family.

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