The weight loss supplements islanders just love to love

After what seemed like forever, series four of Love Island finally hit our screens on Monday,4 June. With all the sun, lashes and sass that you’d expect from this popular show.

The girls entered the villa first, full of squeals and laughter and looking amazing in their high legged bikinis and cut out swimsuits. Followed by the dreamy, muscular lads. Queue drooling.

With the girls spending so much time in swimwear and sultry party dresses during the season, it’s no wonder that contestants, past and present, need a little help to get into shape before the cameras begin rolling.

100% safe and natural weight loss supplements

And there’s no easier way to lose weight and feel healthier than using Natural Beauty Slimming weight loss supplements.

Our 100% safe and natural supplements fit into every lifestyle easily and they give weight loss results, fast. It is these fantastic results, which have seen Natural Beauty Slimming supplements as the favourite products of many female Love Island contestants.

The stunning Cally Beech appeared on Love Island in 2015. And before her stint on the show she loved using products like our creamy Skinny Coffee and popular African Mango Capsules, to help keep her fantastic figure in shape.

And why wouldn’t she?

Sip the lbs away

Our delicious, creamy Skinny Coffee formula not only helps to give caffeine fans their daily hit. But it also provides an easy way to support weight loss, by literally allowing you to sip pounds away.

Skinny Coffee is full of weight loss boosting ingredients like chronium and green tea. When drank on a daily basis, these natural ingredients help to detox your body, boost your metabolism and maintain your blood glucose levels. Perfect for beating those afternoon sugar cravings.

It is so mild that even non-coffee drinks love it. And those of us who like to think of ourselves as a coffee connoisseur, can tailor the flavour by adding in our favourite granules, milk and sugar.

It’s available in a handy two-week supply pouch for just £24.99, which is ideal for anyone preparing for a holiday or of course, an appearance on national TV!

Best selling product

Paired with one of our best selling products ever, African Mango Capsules, you’ll be onto a sure weight loss winner.

And it’s not just Cally that has enjoyed the benefits of the capsules. They are a clear favourite with all of our Natural Beauty Slimming customers.

Made using the natural extracts from the mango type fruits of a West African tree called irvinga gabonensis, African Mango Capsules can see even stubborn areas melt away quickly.

When taken twice daily, the caffeine free capsules can help to suppress your appetite without zapping your energy levels. Making it easier for you to stick to your health eating plan and exercise regime. Fabulous!

Sharing the love

Love Island contestants are not the only celebrities to enjoy a love story with Natural Beauty Slimming weight loss supplements. Reality show regulars like Leah Wright, Antony Costa and Robin Windsor, and model Danielle Macmahon also love our products!

Check out our celebrity supporters on our website here.

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