TRIBBLE IN PARADISE? The Only Way Is Essex spoilers: Furious Shelby kicks off at Sam after he beds her then cracks on with Chloe Sims sister Demi.

The drama seriously heated up on the cast’s trip to Thailand.

TOWIE star Shelby Tribble kicked off at Sam Mucklow during the cast’s trip to Thailand when he bedded her then moved onto Chloe Sims’sister Demi.

The 26-year-old appears to be furious in newly released pictures from their exotic holiday which shows all the reality stars enjoying an evening cocktail as the drama kicks off at the start of the new series. Dressed in a flowy white dress, with her hair loosely curled, Shelby seems to be demanding an explanation from Sam, 26, which leads to a heated exchange as the rest of the cast look on. According to The Daily Mail, Shelby has been left ‘disappointed and disrespected’ in the aftermath of their hook up.

She told the Daily Mail: “I feel a bit disrespected and disappointed in him as a friend. Forget the romantic side of it or whatever that was, I never saw it as that.” And with too much drama happening in Thailand between the pair, Shelby has also admitted that she is reluctant to make amends with Sam, despite the pair being good friends before they became romantic. She added: “I don’t think we can get back to the place we were before. I don’t really trust him anymore, you should be able to trust your friends.”

Earlier this month The Sun’s Bizarre column revealed that Shelby had bedded Sam during a wild night out on their trip and had spoke of regret the following morning. A Towie insider said: “Shelby and Sam were all over each other – their chemistry was unreal.

“One thing led to another and they ended up in bed together. None of the other cast were surprised.” However, much to show Sam’s dismay, Shelby took to Twitter the next day to vent her frustration over sleeping with the hunk – branding him a “wrongun.”

The series of tweets included: “I always attract the wrongun,” and “The rant I want to go into right now… but I know it’s not worth the time and energy. All I can say is trust NO ONE.” She capped off her online rant by writing: “Always stay true to yourself.”


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