Tiffany Watson boob Task: Produced in Chelsea Celebrity Arouses surgery rumours

Tiffany Watson has sparked speculation she's had a boob jobTiffany Watson has sparked speculation she Has had a boob job [Tiffany Watson/Instagram]

Whatever it is, there’s no denying Tiffany’s 517k followers on Instagram are convinced she has done anything, particularly seeing as Lucy Watson’s sister regularly leaves little to the imagination along with her underwear pictures.

Others have been left constantly questioning whether she’s gone under the knife even though the majority of the followers of the 23 year old bliss over her design and unbelievable figure.

Tiffany Watson pictured over a year agoTiffany Watson pictured over a year past [Tiffany Watson/Instagram]

Commenting on Tiffany’s stunning physique, one   fan wrote: “A person’s had a boob job.”
Another added: “Yeah she has certainly had a boob job.”   While others confessed they had scrolled back through Tiffany’s photographs and felt she looked different.
1 fan wrote: “Wasn’t definitely sure that they were fake, but only checked out some older photographs… 100 per cent   fake.”

We spoke to an expert to discover their ideas on the speculation surrounding Tiffany.

Speaking only to OK! On the Web, Professor Iain Whitaker — a consultant plastic surgeon located at The ME Clinic, Cardiff– stated: “Looking at the before and after photographs in similar clothing, it’s likely that there has been some kind of surgical augmentation, probably with breast implants.

“There is a rise in volume, more prominent upper part of the breast, and enhancement of the cleavage area and increased definition between the breasts.

“The result is natural and tasteful appearing, fitting in with her physique.”

Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson and Tiffany WatsonSam Thompson and Tiffany Watson have divided [Sam Thompson/Instagram]

Confirming he agrees with the professor, plastic surgeon located in Manchester –Mr Gary Ross– added:  “It might seem from the photographs that Tiffany’s breast size has grown. Although breast size may fluctuate the overall look of the increased upper rod volume in the more recent pictures is more indicative of a breast enlargement.”

OK! Online has contacted Tiffany Watson’s direction for comment.


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