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What is Vita-Tan ?

We have created a handy supplement that combines tanning, weight loss and skin care.  You should use vita-tan before and after your sun exposure to maintain a longer lasting tan.

Melanin is the pigment primarily responsible for our skin tone. Everyones different regarding the amount of melanin you have and how your body distributes it.

People that produce more melanin typically find that their skin is more tolerant to UV exposure, and that they tan easily and FAST!!!

What are the weight-loss benefits?

We have added Magnesium, Ginseng and Maca into this amazing little capsule, This super combo of minerals and superfoods has been created especially to give your energy and metabolism a natural yet effective boost

Selenium and zinc are skincare saviours and we know you will love Vita-tan and see the beauty benefits within 7-10 days. It really is an absolute must have!

Can i use Vita-Tan on a sunbed or just outside?

Yes you sure can! Vita tan capsules are just as effective on a tanning bed as they are outdoors. In fact, using Vita-tan will drastically reduce the number of minutes you need the sunbed.. win-win!

I struggle to tan ?

Copper is ESSENTIAL for melanin production in the skin, which is VITAL for the tanning process! The more melanin you produce the easier it is to tan, which is why Vita-Tan is ideal for pale skin tones!

As each skin type is different it is hard to guarantee you’ll achieve your desired results as it really comes to the individual and how their body produces melanin when prompted. We have had amazing feedback from babes that really struggle to tan or only burn when exposed to UV – they are finally seeing tan lines!

The key for fair skin tones is to start using Vita-tan 4 weeks ahead of your holiday or event so you can really kick start the boosted melanin production

Does it really work?

Vita-Tan works by using active ingredients that stimulate melanin production in the skin which is VITAL for the tanning process! The more melanin you produce the easier it is to tan, so you just can’t compare to a luxe tanning oil, we are so much more. We don’t have fake tan or bronzers in our bottle so please be aware results do vary on individuals.

Whats the best way to use Vita-Tan Tanning Tablets ?

Directions: Take 2 capsules daily with your main meal and plenty of water.

Ingredients: Magnesium, Siberian Ginseng, Maca, Copper, Zinc, Selenium


Ideally you should start using Vita-tan at least 2-4 weeks prior to sun exposure. Not an alternative to sun protection. Does not prevent sunburn or sun damage. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


14 reviews for Vita-Tan Rapid Tan Capsules

  1. Faye Forster

    I usually just burn, not with these! I’ve got the best tan I’ve ever had, just from sitting in the garden!

  2. Vikki Haw

    Omg I’ve been taking this and a few days in the garden I’m browner than I would be if I’d of been abroad. Even my legs have tanned .

  3. holliepetch

    I’ve had these for a week and am so brown, not needed my usual spray tan!

  4. Annie Galloway (verified owner)

    Omg i love these. Being a ginger is hard to tan but with these i have a nice colour. Highly recommend those 5 star

  5. Lisa Jones

    Gone brown instead of red!! Love these beauties!!x

  6. Rachel Thorpe

    I never ever tan! I usually just burn and the peel but since using these I look like I’ve abroad. Definitely my fave tanning product.

  7. Jaime Chapman

    Didn’t think they were working but after 2 weeks I went out for a walk when I came back I had tan lines I was o lay out for 10 mins! Bloody brilliant and since then I have sat in garden twice and I’m so brown even my un tanable legs are changing colour there bloody great

  8. Leilah Brunton

    I’m super super pale with ginger skin and NEVER tan.. until I used vita tan!! Couldn’t believe the results x

  9. Leanne McGrane

    These are amazing! I cannot believe my pale complexion has developed a lovely glowing tan in just under 3 weeks even with factor 50, I usually burn and turn into a lobster haha! x

  10. Amanda Heys (verified owner)

    Best tanning product i have ever tried!! I’m actually glowing this year after using these! I’m usually as white as casper!
    Love the fact its 2 capsules, no mess no fuss and no horrible smell like you get from some fake tans!

  11. Selina Green

    These are the best invention ever not only am I so much browner my nails are so strong and all my life they have been weak! Iv also lost a few pounds too so win win!

  12. sarahjthomas78

    Started using these 3 days ago after seeing all
    The amazing reviews, just say in garden yesterday and I’ve really tanned up even tho it wasn’t that sunny, amazing product, and I usually go red and freckley so I’m super amazed

  13. Erin Gilfillan

    Loving my results so far with this fantastic product. Usually when I get kissed by the Aussie sunshine I burn, sting for a few days and then peel. But with these my sunburn is going straight into a tan within 3 days. We are only in mid spring and im getting results, can’t wait to see how my tan is by the end of summer. Love the Australian sunshine

  14. Selina Green (verified owner)

    I have been taking these for months now and even though we have had no sun I still have a cracking tan with just 1 6min sunbed session every 2 weeks! Also my hair has grown so much taking these!!!

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