Ultra strength African Mango


Natural Beauty Slimming’s African Mango has been one of our best selling products since 2011 . Irvingia gabonensis is a tree native to West Africa that grows edible fruits similar to mangoes. The extract from the tree’s seeds is a soluble fibre. Locals in Cameroon have been using it for centuries for its health giving properties.

Some experts suggest that African Mango may help to regulate Leptin levels in the body. It is thought that decreased leptin levels can increase hunger causing you to eat more, this can also cause fatigue. Leptin levels in the body often drop when you are on a weight loss diet, this is thought to be one factor of why people struggle to stick to a diet

  • Ultra strong 6000mg formula
  • Dieters love this product
  • Gets results
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Caffeine free, vegetarian & vegan, gluten free, high fibre.
  • No side effects

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75 Tablets Per Pot

Our exclusive new ultra strength 6000mg African mango is now here! After the phenomenal success of our mango we have formulated a new super strong version for faster and better results

These tablets provide pure Irvingia gabonensis seed extract. Each capsule provides African Mango extract without any added stimulants or caffeine.

Unlike most energy supplements, African Mango does not force water out of your system, or dehydrate the body but instead helps to maintain proper water balance.

Due to its especially high content of a variety of important vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium, this allows you to more efficiently use energy to promote all aspects of health and create a feeling of wellness.

Take 1 African Mango capsule in the morning shortly before breakfast and 1 in the afternoon shortly before lunch.

✔ Take each serving with a full glass of water. Individual results may vary.

✔ Works with all of our products as its caffeine free, but our customers love it with Weightloss fibre or Bootcamp.

✔ Try it with our free boot camp diet plan which you will receive with your order and see amazing results.

✔ Take weekly update pictures to see the results for yourself.

✔ To see our customer feedback look us up on facebook. www.facebook.com/nbslimming

✔ Start now, summer bodies can be achieved in a short time.

✔ We know you’ll LOVE our African Mango and we can’t wait to see your results.

Ingredients per tablet African Mango 6000mg other ingredients microcrystalline cellulose dicalcium phosphate magnesium stearate

Contains 75 Tablets Per Pot


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