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We now use supplements to improve almost every aspect of our daily lives from sports performance to brain power! Yet when we want to get a nice, dark tan we do nothing but lie in the sun or tanning salon and expect our body to do the rest. Tanning depends on a series of bio-chemical processes. So, like any other physical process, without the proper nutrients present your body may not be as efficient in the production of melanin, the brown pigment produced in response to sunlight. Even if we have these nutrients in our bodies, taking an extra supplement may push our tan to the next level!

Melanin, the body’s brown pigment, doesn’t appear from nowhere – it is created by the body from an amino acid called tyrosine. So, how well you tan depends on your body’s supply of tyrosine and your skin’s ability to turn it into melanin (the brown colour). Unfortunately, some of these nutrients could be deficient in the modern diet.

Gold Skin supplies the different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to supply the body’s natural tanning process. It contains the specific nutrients needed during the tanning process so that your body has what it needs for maximum tan production, safely and naturally.

The result? A faster, darker tan!

* Natural ingredients
* All year golden glow
* No mess from fake tan
* Work with or without sunbeds
* See results from just 10 days
* Works on all skin types
* Tan BEFORE your holiday and keep your tan as long as you want
* Excellent value for money 90 capsules
* Melanotan Results

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Tanning tablets are the go-to product for an all year round deep tan.

Gold skin can give you a natural looking golden glow all year round, No smells, No streaks, No fading and no mess, so just because summer is over doesn’t mean your tan has to fade.

NB slimming’s Gold skin works by pigmenting the layer of fat underneath the skin, Contains grape seed extract to leave your skin feeling soft and supple and suitable for all skin types can be used with or without the use of sunbeds.

Take 1 tablet per day for 2-3 weeks to work and will start to fade once you finish use.. These must be taken on a full stomach with your main meal, taking on an empty stomach can cause you to feel sick. 90 capsules per pot

Ingredients: L-tyrosine 200mg, Grape seed extract (standardized to contain 95% proanthocyanidins)  40000mg, Lutein 5mg, Copper as gluconate, 2mg, Vitamin E  6mg,

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