Do ‘pre-workout’ drinks actually work?

Your gym buddy swears by them. Your trainer says it will give you an edge. And your boyfriend wouldn’t be seen at the gym without one.

Yep. Everyone’s talking about pre-workout drinks.

But enough of the chat. Do they actually work? Will downing these sweet tasting drinks actually boost your energy so that you can own that gym session and ultimately, burn more fat and lose weight?

What are pre-workout drinks?

Ok. Let’s start with the basics. What are these pre-workout beverages that are taking the weight loss and fitness world by storm?

Pre-workout drinks are often sold as powder mixes, which are stirred into water to make a tasty and sometimes fizzy drink. Used as a pre-workout energy booster, the user is encouraged to down the drink around 30 minutes before they hit the gym, for best results.

Contents of these pre-workout drinks varies by brand (and boy are there lots to choose from). Most however, offer a combination of vitamins, amino acids and caffeine. It is this combination that optimises your gym performance by helping your muscles to fight fatigue and increase strength.

Will they help me to lose weight?

The answer is an easy one. Yes they will. But only if you choose the right brand.

When shopping for your perfect pre-workout drink, you certainly will be spoiled for choice. But don’t be fooled by pretty packaging. Always check the labels first.

Unfortunately, some brands, who often persuade you to pay a hefty price, will never fulfill their promises of improving your gym performance and enhancing your fat burning potential. They will never give you the results you want, and the results you deserve.

This is because of their ingredients. These brands pack their drinks full of powdered vegetables,  rather the active elements needed to support your body whilst exercising.

Skinny by name skinny by nature

So the advice is simple. Don’t settle for imitations.

Natural Beauty Slimming created Skinny Juice in 2017. Listening to their customers feedback, they developed a delicious and fruity all-in-one drink which is packed with shred blend, greens formula, multivitamins and antioxidants.

Skinny Juice is potent performance formula and popular as a pre-workout drink.

It is designed to optimise performance by reducing tiredness and fatigue, supporting energy production and mental performance.

Each serving of the drink contains 3 grams of active ingredients which not only boosts your energy levels allowing you to push harder in the gym, meaning you can burn more calories whilst working out. And… whilst you’re resting too.

Lisa – March 21, 2018

“Skinny juice is now my life!! Gives you an amazing energy boost that makes you really push yourself when working out, I’ve dropped a dress size in 2 months and that’s with an appalling diet!!xx”

Even those who aren’t hard core gym bunnies can benefit. Customers using this fizzy, Skinny Juice report weight loss results without exercise.

Iolanda Spagnoli (verified owner) – March 23, 2018

“Dieting made easy . easily my favourite product. every flavour tastes amazing, strawberry and limeade is my favourite and iv just seen the inches and pounds drop off. takes away my cravings and appetite making me feel fuller for longer and gives me a nice boost of energy… really not a bad word to say, I couldn’t recommend this product enough.”

What’s more it’s available in four fruity flavours, including Fresh Orange, Fruit Punch, Blow Raspberry and Strawberry and Limeade, meaning there a flavour to suit every taste.

How do I get my hands on Skinny Juice

If you want to give Skinny Juice a try, you’d better be quick. This popular 5 star beverage, has been flying off the shelves since it was introduced.

Head to Natural Beauty Slimming to pick up a tub for just £29.99 today.

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