Olivia Attwood down three dress sizes

Olivia Attwood reveals she’s lost three dress sizes and shrank to a six through ‘stress’ since leaving the Love Island villa.

The reality star was a size 12 when she appeared on the show but is now a size six. OLIVIA Attwood has revealed she’s lost three dress sizes since leaving the Love Island villa.

The 26-year-old has said she was a size 12 when she took part in the dating show last summer, but is now just a size six after a “stressful” couple of months with boyfriend Chris Hughes. Responding to comments about her shrinking frame, Olivia told Reveal magazine: “It’s something I’ve heard a lot in recent weeks and I am so bored now.

“I went into the villa a size 12 and I have dropped to a size six. That is my physique.” She continued: “You can go through my teen years and this is my natural figure. I’ve had a stressful couple of months and a few pounds have dropped off me.” But despite it being her natural look, Olivia is looking to return to a similar figure she had over the summer. She admitted: “I’d like to put on a bit muscle and a bit of the shape I had in the villa. I’d never class myself as curvy. My curves are silicone.”

The stunning star has had a tumultuous time since taking part in the show and has been involved in a number of public spats with on/off boyfriend Chris Hughes. And she admitted that all she wanted for their first Valentine’s together was “no arguments”.

“There’s nothing materially that I want. I know that sounds a bit depressing but if I want something, I get it myself,” she shared. “What I’d like more is just a day of no arguments.” Just last week Olivia and Chris had a huge row at they attended the Nation Television Awards, which Olivia has since blamed on Chris being drunk.

She told new! Magazine: “Chris was upset that he didn’t see much of me in the evening but I was chatting to new people and taking in the night. So when he saw me he started shouting, I was quite embarrassed as people got out their phones to film it!

“His management managed to stop him from shouting so it was blown out of proportion really. I don’t think he is a good drinker!! “I did remind him today that he does shout in public and I did say that he needs to not do that. He was like ‘I really don’t think I did’ and I was like ‘Ok you did’ and that was when the article came out so I was like, ‘believe me now?’.”

The explosive row came as the couple revealed they had landed their own ITVBe show, Crackin’ On.


Olivia Attwood reveals she’s lost three dress sizes and shrank to a six through ‘stress’ since leaving the Love Island villa

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