Love Island fan favourites face being DUMPED

Love Island set to be shaken by ‘mass cull’ as fan favourites ‘face being DUMPED in shock twist’ They have already been rocked by the arrival of 12 sexy new singletons on Thursday.

And now Love Island fan favourites have rumours of a ‘mass cull’ to fear, as several stars reportedly face being dumped from the Island in a shock twist. Sources tell The Mirror that in a coming episode the Islanders will be asked whether they would like to stay with their current partners or re-couple with a singleton, and those left without a couple will be sent home.

Should they choose a new Islander to couple up with, but their partner does not, they will be dumped from the Island. Due to the unpredictable nature of this series in comparison to the last, currently no one is safe, but fans will be left hoping some will survive the dreaded cull, including much-loved couple Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham.

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Love Island for further comment. It proved to be another explosive edition of the show on Friday night as several contestants heads were turned by the 12 new arrivals.

These included Megan Barton Hanson who shared a steamy kiss with handsome newcomer, Alex Miller… just hours after breaking up Laura Anderson and Wes Nelson.

Yet it wasn’t just the glamour model who indulged in some new attention, as loyal Georgia Steel refused to crack on with any of the new guys and even slept outside, while her beau, Josh Denzel, jumped straight into bed with new girl, Kazimir Crossley, and even appeared to kiss her in a teaser for the next episode.

Just earlier this week, Megan told Wes – who had been coupled up with Laura since the start of the show, that she had feelings for him and he consequently dumped the Scottish air stewardess for her. Yet just hours after the boys and girls were separated, and the arrival of the 12 sexy singletons, Megan jumped into bed with newcomer Alex and got to know fellow new boy Dean Overson too.

During the episode, she told Dean: ‘I’m not going to rule anything out. It was one day I spent with Wes and it’s still early days with you boys but I feel like I know already you and Alex are the only boys I’d probably get on with most.’

And by the end of the episode, and much flirting, Megan shared a sneaky and saucy kiss with Alex in the bedroom, as she whispered: ‘Don’t tell anyone about that. Don’t go running to Dean…’ Yet it’s not just Alex who gets to smooch the blonde bombshell and on a trailer clip for Sunday’s explosive episode, it saw Megan kissing Dean too.

Meanwhile, Georgia decided to remain loyal to her beau, Josh, despite the fact they were separated for a few days, and refused to ‘crack on’ with any of the new boys. In fact, the 23-year-old even slept outside on the day beds with fellow contestant, Dani Dyer, so she didn’t have to shared a bed with one of the boys.

Yet the same couldn’t be said for Josh, who quickly jumped into bed with new girl, Kazimir, as he continued to flirt with her. With the sports presenter even admitting that he would pick her over Georgia, he added [talking about Kazimir]: ‘Who made that? Who made that?’ While later on he revealed: ‘I’ve come in here and Kaz has spun my head 360 degrees… I did not expect that to happen.

‘I feel like I owe it to Georgia to tell her but you can’t because you’re here and she is there and I don’t know what she is doing. I do feel like my head has been turned.’ And at the same time, Georgia admitted in the Beach Hut: ‘If Josh’s head was turned… as much as I would hate to say it and admit it, I come across as strong, but I dead fancy him. Yeah, if he did it, I’d be sad, VERY sad.

‘The thought of him kissing another girl, my God, this situation has made me realise, I think I took Josh for granted and I do really like him.’ Yet it looks as though Georgia’s worse fears happen in the next episode as a spoiler clip showed Josh kissing Kazimir in bed.

And it wasn’t just the sports presenter heating things up in Sunday’s episode as Megan appeared to kiss Dean after her smooch with Alex, Laura snogged new boy Charlie and Adam kissed Darylle – despite being heartbroken over his former flame Zara’s exit on Thursday.

However, despite all the heartache in the villa, power couple Dani and Jack proved to be as strong as ever. Despite fearing about being away from each other, especially as Jack’s former fling is one of the new girls – Ellie, both contestants slept outside to avoid sharing a bed with the new Islanders. While Jack said: ‘She is my girlfriend and I want to be with her, I miss her and I want to see her, I do. It’s the first time I’ve been away from her for however long and it’s the way I genuinely feel.’


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