Love Island fans turn on Dr Alex

Love Island fans turn on Dr Alex as he dumps Alexandra days before the final

Dr Alex has got everyone riled up and “it’s the most united we have been since before Brexit,” say Love Island fans

The entire nation has united behind Love Island’s Alexandra Cane as she laid in to Dr Alex George, telling him “shame on you.” Alex has been a popular contestant on the show, and somehow the villa’s most sunburnt contestant has survived multiple dumpings despite not being in a serious couple for much of the eight weeks. But with the final just days away, he has taken the dramatic decision to mug off Alexandra.

Earlier in the episode the couple enjoyed a “super date” in a Ferrari. But it was not to last – as Alex took Alexandra aside and told her he wasn’t feeling the relationship any more.

“We’ve really given this a really good go,” he said, “I feel like your level of what you want from affection is very different to mine. It’s been two weeks and I just feel that I’m not at that level.” It didn’t go down well.

“I think you’re trying to come across as this super nice guy who knows what they want, you haven’t been honest with me,” Alexandra told him. And she wasn’t having any of his excuses, declaring: “You’ve not tried, I’ve tried, you haven’t, you haven’t made any effort at all.

“I think you’re pathetic, you’ve wasted my time and you’ve wasted your own. Shame on you.”

People are pretty gutted for Alexandra (and mad at Alex)…But others reckon he’s a massive hypocrite. One minute he was mad at Ellie for not “trying hard enough” with him, but now he’s barely made an effort with Alexandra – and accused her of coming on too strong. What’s the deal?! Was he just playing the game and using Alexandra to get to the final?


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