Lottery whinger Jane Parks in Love Island


MILLIONAIRE lottery whinger Jane Parks is to appear in Love Island’s new collection.

Jane Park seemed on Loose Women a week — and now shes being battled for Love Island

Her comments watched her encouraged on to ITV series Loose Women where she’s grabbed the interest of Love Island casting representatives, and based on an insider, she’s now top of the wishlist for its series.

They exclusively told The Sun on the internet: “They asked her to go and meet the producers straight away last Wednesday whilst she was at ITV, however she was in a hurry to leave and return home to Scotland.

“They then asked her to meet them in Edinburgh as they had been auditioning people there, however she refused to do this.

“It was also suggested that they meet her one-on-one in a hotel in town, but she wasn’t overly excited about the thought.

She travelled on the show to show she doesnt hate being rich as much as she formerly claimed

“Jane was planning to talk together this week, but yesterday morning decided she needed a vacation, so flew to Tenerife on a whim.

“To be fair to Love Island — they are trying hard to get her on board.”

Jane admitted that there were some things she liked about being well off and felt happier with her situation today people had “listened to her”.

Her appearance on Loose Women came later she advised The People she frequently “wished she was bad”.

Jane asserts that her #4,500 breasts are her best purchase since scooping #1 million

She moaned to the newspaper: “I believed it would make [my life] ten times greater but it has made it ten times worse.

“I wish I’d no cash most days. I say to myself, ‘My life would be so much simpler if I hadn’t won. ”’

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She added: “I think 18 should be the minimum age for winning the lottery, so in minimum.

“The current age of 16 is far too youthful”

Jane used her winnings to purchase two possessions, a Louis Vuitton handbag, a chihuahua and an #18,000 Range Rover.

Jane is single after splitting with her Long-term boyfriend last year

But her favorite purchase is a #4,500 boob project.

She explained: “I always wanted them done – I am a good deal happier and a lot more confident.

“I will wear appropriate dresses and that I feel more like a girl.

“They are up there with the very best things I have bought.”


Lottery whinger Jane Park is in talks to star on Love Island after controversial appearance on Loose Women

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