Kim Kardashian reveals hit list of 12 enemies.

Kim Kardashian reveals hit list of 12 enemies.

The reality queen made sure the world knew who all her haters are as she sends them – and those she likes a bottle of BAE for Valentine’s Day.

KIM Kardashian has pulled the perfect stunt to flog her perfume, by listing her 12 haters and sending bottles of it to them.

Infamous enemies Taylor Swift, Piers Morgan and Blac Chyna all appear on the list of names written on green post-it notes next to names of friends and family.

The 36-year-old said on her Instagram stories: “’I am gonna send out way more than this but I decided this Valentine’s Day everyone deserves a Valentine.

“I’m gonna send one to my lovers, my haters, to everyone I can think of, because it’s Valentine’s Day after all.”

Her clever move is bound to ruffle feathers among some of the recipients, who’ve made no secret of their dislike for Kim.

Taylor and Kim’s beef goes way back to the MTV Awards in 2009 – when 37-year-old Kim’s husband Kanye stormed the stage when Taylor was receiving an award.

Kim’s brother Rob’s ex Blac Chyna is also on the mailing list, along with Good Morning Britain presenter Piers.

However Piers said he is still “proud” to have made it onto Kim’s special list.

He tweeted: “Proud & humbled to be the only man to make @KimKardashian’s Valentine’s perfume hate list!

He’s made no secret of his dislike for Kim and more recently panned her half naked pictures.

Piers made the comments after his big interview with US president Donald Trump.

He said on Good Morning Britain: “When you become a mother again, things don’t change.

“You’ve become a mother again, you’re in your mid to late 30s, it’s your third child.

“I know what I’ll do, I’ll put a big topless photo of myself on social media.

“We’ve covered them up, she’s basically got them and gone way look at me, me too…”

“Time should be up for Miss Kardashian. I don’t know what she adds to the movement really.

“The only thing moving is her breasts. It’s reassuring isn’t it that some things never change.”


Kim Kardashian reveals hit list of 12 enemies – including Taylor Swift and Piers Morgan – as she sends them bottles of her perfume

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