Joe McElderry looks totally different after weightloss

Joe McElderry looks totally different as he shows off buff body after impressive weight loss on the beach in Barbados. Former X Factor star looked happier than ever as he splashed around the surf.

The former X Factor star is currently soaking up the winter sun in the Caribbean. Joe looked happier than ever as he strolled around the windy sandy beaches and took a dip in the surf. He’s been keeping his fans up to date with his antics while abroad. Earlier today the 26-year-old revealed he’s not let up on his workout regime during his break away.

Posting a video on Instagram, Joe, who’s been working out with a personal trainer, told his followers: “Working out in the humid heat!” While he has toned up, Joe recently revealed he was never as big as fans accused him of being after an unflattering picture of him emerged after an appearance on Lorraine in 2015. Speaking on This Morning last year, Joe revealed he is around the same size then as he was when he was accused of being fat.

He said: “It was odd. I literally came off air and an hour or so after I was going to rehearsals and my phone started going crazy with Twitter notifications. “On that day I wasn’t much different to what I am now but it was just an unflattering photo.

“People went crazy for it, it went everywhere.” Joe recently shared a very sexy selfie, showing off his toned body while wearing just his gold loin cloth costume for his role as Joseph. He explained: “I sometimes forget that everyone can see it. “I posted it, then forgot about it, and went out for dinner, then the next day I woke up, and it was everywhere!

“I did find the reaction quite funny, I wasn’t expecting that.”


Joe McElderry looks totally different as he shows off buff body after impressive weightloss on the beach in Barbados

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