Get a salon inch loss body wraps without the expensive price tag

It’s quite an exciting thought, being told that you can lose inches from your waist, thighs and arms, by sitting back and literally doing nothing.

That’s why, every day, women are queuing up at beauty salons, ready to pay £60 (or more) to book in for inch loss body wraps. Never more than in spring. The time of year when any hint of sunshine can send us all into weight loss frenzy as we desperately aim to get our bodies summer ready. And like, now please.

And there’s plenty of them out there. Whether they are clay based, sea weed based, chocolate based. All promise results within an hour, reducing your waistline and leaving your skin smooth and as soft as butter.

Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Well except for the price tag…

For those of us, whose New Year diets may not have gone to plan, and whose bank accounts are still recovering from the cost of the Easter holidays, inch loss body wraps aren’t really an option.

Or are they?

Get Salon inch loss body wraps in your own home

Home wrap kits have sprung wings over the last couple of years, helping those of us who can’t shell out on the salon experience, still get great results.

And if you still want salon inch loss without the hefty price tag, Natural Beauty Slimming’s Inch Loss Body Wrap kit is the product for you.

It’s a spa styled kit consisting of a wrapping of bandages and a 500ml tub of body contouring clay that according to the five star reviews, is renowned for giving inch loss results, fast!

Yes, you’re going to have to wrap yourself up like a bandaged burrito. But the results will speak for themselves. And the cost, well it’s around half the price of a salon inch loss wrap, at just £35 and the kit lasts for up to ten wraps. Perfect.

Lisa – January 8, 2018

“Got better results in a hour with your body kit than I did paying £35 in a salon for just one wrap!!! Amazing product x”

So how does it work?

The medicinal powdered clay solution, which derives from volcanic ash, is one of the most effective natural, detoxifying agents available. With over 70 trace minerals in the clay, it helps to detoxify your body, tighten loose tissue, improve cellulite and lasting inch loss.

Yes lasting. Not only could you drop a dress size in just an hour. If you use the Inch Loss Body Wrap kit regularly, it can help you to maintain your new toned and slimmer shape. Meaning you can keep that bod, all summer long.

Iolanda Spagnoli – March 23, 2018

“I love this product. When I need lose a few inches or toning up in a short period of time I put a wrap on while doing chores and let it work its magic. My skin feels so soft afterwards as well and quick and easy to loose a few inches. What’s not to like.”

What’s more you don’t have to use the kit on all of your body. You can treat problem areas by doing spot treatments (yes, bye bye bingo wings and hello thigh gap).

To use, just apply the kit following a bath or shower, dry your skin first but don’t apply moisturiser.

Smooth the clay over the whole area that you want to treat. Massage it into the skin, then apply layers of warm bandages, firmly. Add a layer of cling film over the top of the bandages. Then leave for around an hour whilst you relax under a blanket, watching your fave soap.

When you unwrap, ta da! Up to a dress size will melt away, meaning you can can not only squeeze into that figure hugging dress you love, but fit into it well.

Natural Beauty Slimming customers have been quoted saying it’s the best in the UK and they’re not wrong.

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