How to tighten up your skin and lose inches after weight loss

Congratulations! You’ve done it, you’ve reached your target weight and you feel fabulous.

But before you’re ready to slip into that cropped top or swap your one piece swimsuit for a sexy, glam two piece, you’ve got one more task to tick off your list. Your skin.

Following your fantastic weight loss, you may have found that your skin has become looser around your waist, arms and thighs. And although at times these may feel like beautiful skin coloured medals, reminding you of how much you have achieved during your weight loss journey. They also can stop you achieving your full goddess type potential whilst strutting your stuff on a night out, during a holiday or even just on any day, wearing your favourite new slim line clothes.

But fear not, you hard working beauties. The worst is over. We promise.

At home inch loss, when and where you choose

You can tone, tighten and treat your skin with a wonderful spa-like experience that not only leaves your skin feeling as soft as butter but aids inch loss too, all within the comfort of your own home!

All you need for this inch loss and firming adventure is one little tub of Natural Beauty Slimming’s Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit. And one hour of your precious time.

The Inch Loss Body Wrap kit costs £37.99 and is enough to provide you with up to ten toning treatments (that’s just £3.79 a piece) as well as a wrapping of bandages to help keep the treated areas and the contouring clay warm and in place.

The clay in the kit, is a medicinal solution derived from weathered volcanic ash, one of the most effective detoxifying agents available. With more than 70 trace minerals, there’s no doubt that it will do wonders for your body by detoxifying your system, tightening your loose skin and improving the appearance of the delicious love ladders, we call stretch marks.

After just one treatment, Natural Beauty Slimming customers have reported drastic improvements in the appearance of their stretch marks, sagging skins and even a double chin or two. Some experiencing so much inch loss in one sitting, that they are able to wear a smaller dress size. FAB-U-LOUS.

And the best bit is the results are lasting.

If used regularly, in the lead up to a special occasion, holiday or target date that you’ve set in your mind, the Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit can help you to maintain this newly tightened, toned and smoothed figure.

How to use the kit

Using the kit, couldn’t be easier. You can even get some housework done or cook your dinner whilst the toning, skin tightening magic takes action.

For best results however, we suggest treating yourself to an afternoon or evening of indulgence.

Have a long hot bath or shower, dry brushing and exfoliating the areas you wish to treat.

Don’t apply moisturiser once you’re out though. Leave your skin and pores open to receive the full effect of the clay.

Once clean and dry, smooth the clay over the whole area that you wish to treat, massaging the skin firmly. Use the bandages to wrap yourself up like a warm sausage roll, keeping the bandages firm but not too tight. Follow this with several layers of cling film to create a corset type feel.

Then sit back and relax with your fave dressing gown on or with fleecey blanket over you (or for those of you who like to make the most of each minute, wrap and and crack on with that pile ironing that’s been building up).

Drink plenty of water or herbal tea whilst you wait that one short hour, before unraveling and unveiling a tighter, toned you. Ta da!

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