How to track your weight loss progress
There are two methods of tracking your progress throughout your weight loss journey. It is very important that you do this consistently using the guidelines that we have provided below.
Without visible record of your progress, its very easy to lose motivation. Primarily you should track progress during your diet using photos. Although you will also be tracking your weight, you should focus your attention on the changes in your photos because some improvements are very visible in photos but not so visible on the scales (particularly if you have a moderate or light starting weight).
When measuring your progress, it is important that you take photos or weigh yourself in a similar situation each time. This means that your results will not be influenced by factors, such as whether or not you have eaten.
Measuring your weight
• Do it on the same day each week
• At the same time
• Wearing the same clothes
• Using the same scales (when weighing yourself).
We suggest that you weigh yourself every second Monday morning as soon as you get up. Try not to do this everyday to avoid disappointment with small day-to-day changes (which are perfectly normal!).
Progress Photos
• Take ‘before’ photos prior to starting my program
• DO NOT delete any of the photos you take
• Make sure you always take the photo in the same circumstances (i.e. your bedroom, wardrobe mirror, 8AMMonday)
• Make sure your photos are full length body shots
• Ensure you have both 1 front view and 1 side view (take as many others as you like).
• Keep your feet together (ankles touching).
• Keep your hands slightly away from body.
• Assume a natural relaxed stance, NOT posing.
• Ensure the camera is away from your face.
• Wear a crop top or bra and underwear or shorts.
• Take the image on the same angle (vertical and horizontal position)
• Take photos on a weekly basis, on the same day, at the same time and using the same guidelines.
Share your progress…
Be proud of the progress you are making in your weight loss journey. Share your photos on social media and tag us in so we can see how you are dong too!
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