Think time has run out for you to get a b**m bod before your summer holidays? Think again!

Your holiday might be fast approaching and the bikini dread might have already settled in.

But there is new hope on the horizon. Thanks to a new fast working package that Natural Beauty Slimming have launched.

The Ultimate Bikini Body Package contains Natural Beauty Slimming’s most popular and effective weight and inch loss products. Ensuring you get and keep that b**m bod for your holidays…and beyond.

Stop dieting the hard way. Forget mixing diet drinks up three drinks up a day. And don’t worry about remembering to drink them all.

The Ultimate Bikini Package is the easiest way to get the results you want, with customers losing up to 5ilbs in just one week.

But enough of the chatter. Let’s hear what this package has to offer:

The juice

Top of the b**m bod pops is the popular and instantly effective, Skinny Juice.

This fruity, fizzy drink is the juice of your dreams. Mix just one 250ml serving of the juice a day, to down in one or drink at your leisure. The choice is yours.

After drinking just one serving will see your appetite reduce, you will feel fuller for longer and your energy levels will be boosted. Perfect if you like to hit the gym in the run up to your hols.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Skinny Juice super-fan, Lisa said: “Skinny Juice is now my life! Gives you an amazing energy boost that makes you really push yourself when working out. And I’ve dropped a dress size in two months and that’s with an appalling diet.”

The shake

Make like Swifty and shake it off this summer with the help of Natural Beauty Slimming’s Skinny Shakes.

Used on their own as a meal replacement or alongside other Natural Beauty Slimming products, for a post workout protein hit. These shakes are designed to help you achieve a lean and defined physique that cut-out swimsuits are made for.

Mix with water or milk for a deliciously creamy, 5 star rated drink that will fill you up until dinner.

Amanda can’t get enough of the taste. She said: “These have to be the best tasting shakes ever! It tastes so nice, it’s hard to believe it is a diet product. Gorgeous.”

The magic mango

African Mango capsules aren’t called the magic mango for no reason.

Offering a whole host of well-being boosting benefits, these easy-to-take capsules are the gods of b**m bod, weight loss supplements.

Just two capsules a day, taken on their own or with other supplements for added fat burning potential, you can target hard to reach areas such as your tum, bum and thighs as they dig deep to support your body as they processes food into energy. Faster and more effectively.

So say bye, bye belly and hello bikini, just like new mum Lucie did: “Wow! I love this product. I had a baby belly and this has been the answer to my dreams. Bye, bye belly. Defo recommend this product.”

The inch loss

So you’ve lost some weight using the above fab products (great job, girls!). But what about toning those inches around your tummy?

Well you wrap it up, of course, using the slimming and toning Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit.

This clay-based, salon inspired wrap kit will not only will break down those stubborn inches but will also help to improve the appearance of stretch marks and…wait for it…cellulite! What more can a b**m bod, bikini boasting babe want?!

The results speak for themselves. Donna said: “I lost 6.5 inches in total after my first wrap. Can’t wait to see the rest of my results.”

The post holiday detox

Beat those holiday blues and treat regrets using naturally cleansing Detox capsules.

These exclusive detoxifying capsules are designed to rid your body of toxins, which often includes stored fat (yay!).

Take one a day for 30 days to feel cleansed, fresh and fabulous. Or use whilst still on hols for a quick 24 hour detox to help beat the bed time bloat. Perfect for for keeping your tanned tum toned for those trendy cropped tops.

Lels gave the capsules a 5 star rating. She said: “I saw and felt a difference after taking just two capsules before bed! I woke up so much less bloated.”

The offer

This highly effective, b**m bod creating package is hot off the press. And to celebrate the start of August (aka holiday central) Natural Beauty Slimming is offering the package at the discounted price of £95! That’s a 40% saving of the real price value. So snap up a package, whilst you still can!

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