Gemma Collins thinks falling over

They say when life gives you lemons… well, you know the rest.

It seems that Gemma Collins is doing whatever the TOWIE equivalent of this is after her remarkable autumn at this weekend’s BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards as she announced Love Island was the winner of Best TV Show.

That’s at least according to her TOWIE co-star Charlie King, who’s said that Gemma is hoping that the episode will put their show back together with Love Island in the ratings.

“She had been fine, but clearly she was planning to fold up that,” he advised HuffPost on a episode of BUILD.

“When we went to the green area, she was like, ‘That’s going to take over Love Island’. Since Love Island is totally smashing it these days, particularly within TOWIE, because it is the new item and the hottest reality series in the summertime.

“So to her, in her small PR mind, she was like, ‘That’s going to get TOWIE back on top’.”

However, he did admit that she had a slightly bruised ego after the episode, which saw her fall through a trap door, adding: “I spoke to her moments after she arrived off point — she had been in shock, it was a fictitious drop.

“It was horrible for her embarrassment-wise. She was like, ‘What am I doing to do? Am I likely to be a viral sensation for the wrong thing?’

“Speaking to her the following day, she was like, ‘I am really bruised. My ego isn’t simply bruised, but the entire side of the body is.'”

Since the autumn, Gemma has accused the BBC of “neglect” and said she was planning to “consult a lawyer”.


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