Gemma Collins has hit back at critics after she was booted off the Dancing on Ice rink for being “disruptive.”

The TV personality, who is partnered with ice skating professional Matt Evers, was told to get off the ice as fellow contestant Saara Aalto practiced ahead of Sunday night’s show. However, she has told how she was only “spreading cheer” in a bid to lighten the gruelling skating regime.

Responding to fellow contestant Ryan Sidebottom, after he defended the star against assumptions her antics have been causing trouble on the ice, Collins said: “I was having banter cheering everyone up it’s so hard and I just like to spread some cheer I fact it’s GRUELLING but you just gotta have fun.”

The comments come after the TOWIE star shared a string of hilarious Instagram posts of herself celebrating Brian McFadden’s return to the ice following his back injury. In the video she screamed: “Oh here’s Brian! Brian! You’re back!”

Reuniting with the musician in another post, she told her followers that she would consider quitting the show if McFadden had left. In her next Story, Collins revealed that Aalto’s professional partner Hamish Gaman had asked her to leave the rink as she was causing “a disruption” with her loud comments.

“Prince of the ice is telling me I’m being a disruption and I’ve got to go,” she said. “Sorry darling, sorry Saara Aalto, I’ll go,” she said, before blaming her high spirits on McFadden, adding: “I’m just so happy Brian’s back!” Earlier this week, Collins invited a psychic onto the rink in order to “cleanse” it of “bad energy” following her dramatic fall.


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