Classic X Factor contestant looks unrecognisable 10 years on.

Classic X Factor contestant looks unrecognisable 10 years on.

And no, it’s not Joel from Hollyoaks. You know when someone famous has a makeover and people tell you that they look unrecognisable? Well, we’re sure we can all agree that they rarely do.

This time, however, we really mean it, because this former X Factor contestant – nay, finalist – looks so different that we almost choked on our afternoon brew. So, any guesses? (And no peeking at the Twitter handle.) No, it’s not Wayne Lineker and Jamie Laing’s love-child, it’s only one half of Same Difference!

(Y’know, the divisive brother and sister duo who were like High School Musical come to life?)

Yes, Sean Smith has broken ranks from his sister Sarah (and Simon Cowell) and is now clearly an avid member of the gym, as well as a solo artist of course.

Despite failing to set the pop world alight with their act, Sean is no stranger to success it seems, having scored roles in hit musicals such as The Wizard of Oz and We Will Rock You. If you’re struggling to remember Same Difference, then don’t feel too bad – because although they made the final of their series, it was (somehow) 11 years ago.

Clearly not shy of his Same Difference past, Sean shared an image earlier this month of the band’s album The Rest Is History, which was released seven years ago. Sean isn’t the only X Factor alum surprising fans with his look, as last week Olly Murs shared a shocker of a throwback photo of him with his mum and sister.

Rocking a leather jacket and a dodgy, flammable hairdo, we reckon you’d have no idea it was Olly unless someone had told you first. Time, eh?


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