Produced In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson COVERS Tiffany Watson bicep tattoo with a giant feather
Sam Thompson has covered his Tiffany Watson tattoo

Sam Thompson has Coated his Tiffany Watson tattoo [Sam Thompson/Instagram]

Tiffany Watson  and Sam Thompson  chose to go on a Rest at the conclusion of the last series   of Made in Chelsea. Throughout their time apart, the reality hunk had a brief fling with-co-star Mimi Bouchard that resulted in him and Tiff calling quits on their connection.

Following his stint on Celebrity Big Brother, the truth TV hunk went on so far  co-star Amelia Lily, all of which resulted in Tiffany appearing to completely cut back her ex from her life for good.

And today, while items with Amelia seem to have come to a stop, it does not seem like Sam will soon be getting back with Tiff.

Sam Thompson had the tattoo for his ex

Sam Thompson had the tattoo for his ex [Sam Thompson/Instagram]

sam thompson tiffany watson

Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson have split [Instagram]

The celebrity captured a tattoo of Tiff’s initials on his deathbed, which he exhibited whenever they were dating.

In his latest picture mocking sister Louise Thompson in a different weathered outfit, Sam revealed the tattoo had been covered up — with a giant feather.

Fans flocked to comment on the picture, clearly seeing the step Sam had shot in proceeding on with his own life.

Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson’s romance on Manufactured In Chelsea was one of the highlights of the E4 show’s recent show, but using the pair on a fracture and Sam in the Celebrity Big Brother house, is their romance ever get back on the right track?

“No longer TW tatt,” one wrote, while the other added: “LOOK AT SAM’S TATTOO COVER UP!”

“small coverup around the arm,” another exclaimed, although a four wrote: “He is coated his TW tattoo!!!”

Many thought they might rekindle their romance, as when the E4 show   started it is 14th show, Lucy Watson’s small sister  revealed that she misses her ex-boyfriend.

When the motoring heiress commented on how much joyous Tiff has appeared since dividing Sam, Olivia Bentley was on lunch to conversing Tiffany.

“I think it’s easy right now coz Sam’s away”, confessed Tiff.

“Do you miss him?” , requested Olivia. “Yeah I really do miss him”, acknowledged Tiff.

“There are occasions once I look through the camera roll on my phone and I watch videos of us or photographs, I get depressed. And obviously considering him I do get somewhat gloomy.”


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