How to avoid the winter bulk up this year

As the darker mornings creep in and we start reaching for the thermostat, our thoughts of dieting and exercise slip from our minds. We are ready for hibernation and as Radio 1’s Scott Mills puts it, the winter bulk up.

So why do we put on weight at winter?

It is a common belief that we need to eat more during the winter months in-order-to ‘bulk up’ and stay warm. This may have been true at one time, when our ancestors experienced periods of famine, but nutritionist and celebrity chef Zoe Bingley-Pullin told the Huffington Post Australia, these days the reason is much more practical:

“The cooler air and shorter days can trigger some changes in behaviours which encourage fat storage. Specifically, eating is a way to raise the body temperature and so, when cold, we seek out food where we ordinarily may not.”

Although this alone is not an issue, staying in more (to keep out of the cold), moving less and craving more stodgy comfort foods (to cheer ourselves up), can add up to a fair few pounds of weight gain.

Put a stop to the pound pile on

It is easy to put a stop to winter weight gain with the help of Natural Beauty Slimming.

Founder, Nicola Bird, said: “We’ve developed a wide range of natural weight loss supplements that are not only safe to use but get results fast.  With so many products available, there’s something to suit everyone – even those who like to hibernate in the warm during the winter months.”

Of course, Nicola insists that a healthy diet still plays a part in fending off the pounds. It can also help to produce results faster when using weight loss supplements, such as those she recommends for this winter.

To keep on top of food cravings, Nicola recommends an all-in-one supplement like Skinny Juice.

“Thanks to the fantastic reviews, Skinny Juice is our all-time fastest selling product.

“Using just one scoop of the Skinny Juice powder in 250ml of water, to drink throughout the day, will help you feel fuller for longer. This will help stop the snacking, keeping you on track to a healthy 1200 – 1500 daily calorie target.”

Nicola also recommends Carb Blocker capsules for anyone who likes to pile up the ‘roasties’ on Christmas day.

“Our Carb Blockers contain white kidney bean extract, which are known to inhibit the amylase enzyme in your stomach. By reducing the effectiveness of this sugar creating enzyme, the capsules help prevent carbs from being absorbed by your body, without you feeling deprived or hungry all the time.”

Find out more about which supplements will suit your lifestyle best on the Natural Beauty Slimming website

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