7 things we learned from Real Housewives of Cheshire series 7

7 things we learned from Real Housewives of Cheshire series 7

The Real Housewives of Cheshire series 7 has reached its climax – and here are some things we’ve learned along the way

Another drama-filled series of the Real Housewives of Cheshire has come to an end – with lots of explosive arguments to send the girls on their way.

Series seven has had all the usual ingredients of glamour, gossip, and gallons and gallons of fizz.

Here we take a look back at seven things we’ve learnt from spending series seven with the fabulous and feisty females of the Cheshire Set.

They’re not great with mobiles
Voicemailgate dominated this series – after Seema and Stacey accidentally left a VERY lengthy voicemail message on Ester’s phone when they were kind of saying stuff about her. Eek! Ok, so the message was a bit rambly and weird, but they described Ester as “ammunition” and that just got everyone’s back up. For about three different episodes.

They are great at fancy dress
Series seven had it all on the fashion front. As if the regency costume ball was not hilarious enough, the finale had the girls going full on 1970s and carnival for Dawn’s Warford Hall Pride event.

Oh, and not forgetting when all of the girls got dressed up in their actual wedding dresses for Seema’s hen do in Marrakech. And then Seema accidentally ripping her stiletto through Tanya’s £15,000 bridal gown…

Classy Boobs
Stacey’s comments about Tanya’s boobs being on display (whilst Stacey’s boobs were also very much on display) and whose fake boobs were classy and whose weren’t from series six returned to haunt Stacey again. And again. And again in series 7.

Particularly when the new addition to the group, the amply-chested Christine McGuinness, decided to wade in to ask if her boobs were going to cause Stacey offence.

We’re still not entirely clear why Stacey’s boobs are somehow classier than Tanya’s but we’re willing to be educated further in this matter.

Don’t ever host a dinner party
When will the ladies ever learn? It’s been quite apparent since the end of series 2 that hosting a dinner party is just a recipe for disaster in Housewives land.

There will be rows about boob jobs, there will be tears, and every now and again there will be expensive champagne spilt, and even the odd glass thrown.

If there’s a series 8, learn from past mistakes ladies and DON’T hold a dinner party.

Only the bride gets to throw the wedding bouquet at her wedding. Even when it’s renewing your wedding vows OK? So when Lauren decided to throw Seema’s bouquet at her wedding renewal ceremony with hubby Sandeep, the bride was NOT happy.

And no, they’re not just “a bunch of stupid flowers”, it’s all about respect ladies.

Nick and Royston should have a spin-off

Dawn’s fabulous friends, hairdresser husbands Nick and Royston, just got more and more fabulous as the series progressed. Wearing retro dayglo fitness gear in episode one, by the finale they were the full on queens of Dawn’s Warford Hall Pride, arriving in a white coupe with an army of scantily-clad hunks for company.

We need more of Nick and Royston in our lives.

Can you ever have enough babies in Cheshire?
There were baby bombshells left right and centre, with Rachel Lugo’s partner John saying he wanted to try for another child, even though they’ve already got FIVE.

Meanwhile, Tanya, mum to four, is DESPERATE to add another girl to her brood, and hatched a hair-brained plot about extracting footballer hubby Phil’s sperm when he wasn’t looking, fly it abroad, have it separated into girl baby sperm, and then… erm, well we’re not sure what happens after that. Anyway, as far as we know, both ladies managed to make it through a whole ten-week series without getting pregnant.

One thing we didn’t learn
Oh, and finally there’s one thing that DIDN’T come up at any point during series seven – and that was an explanation for Leanne Brown’s absence.

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