Made In Chelsea EXCLUSIVE: Louise Thompson reveals her thoughts on ex Spencer Matthews

Made In Chelsea EXCLUSIVE: Louise Thompson reveals her thoughts on ex Spencer Matthews getting married and becoming a dad… and why she’d BAN the cast from her own wedding.

Theirs was one of the most explosive relationships in the history of Made In Chelsea, with many a drink being thrown in a face during their on-and-off romance.

But having called time once and for all on things a few years ago, Louise Thompson and Spencer Matthews have moved on. So much so that Spencer is now married to model Vogue Williams, with a baby due in September.
And no-one is more shocked than his ex Louise.

‘I can’t believe he’s married!’ she told MailOnline. ‘I haven’t seen him in so long. And when I found out he’d gotten married I sent him a message but he never replied. ‘But Spencer is the kind of guy who always has, like, 2000 unanswered Whatsapps on his phone so I’m sure I just slipped through the cracks.’

Spencer and Vogue wed, under the radar, in a shock ceremony two weeks ago in Scotland, at Spencer’s family estate.

‘I actually found out about Spencer getting married because my mum was fishing in Inverness at the same time. She was with the Gillies family and their daughter was at the wedding, so I guess it happened at [the Matthews’] place in Scotland.

‘I hear it was a small event. I think even their engagement was small by Spencer’s standards. It’s weird because that’s not like him. I guess he’s different now.’
Louise, who has had two serious relationsips since splitting with Spencer in the form of Alik Alfus and current beau Ryan Libbey, admitted that she finds it ‘weird’ to watch her ex getting married and having children before she does.

‘It’s weird because obviously Spencer and I used to talk about children and stuff. He was obsessed with babies and their chubby cheeks. He will make a wonderful dad though,’ she said.
She added: ‘I mean, we went through so much, but I forgive and forget readily. So things are okay between us. I don’t hold a grudge. But we aren’t really in contact.’

Louise and Spencer last saw each other during a chance encounter in Chelsea, in true MIC style.
‘We bumped into each other on the King’s Road recently. It was like a real-life Made In Chelsea meeting. I was with Ryan though, and he found it awkward,’ she admitted.

Indeed, Ryan has proven to get jealous on the E4 structured reality series, which is currently shooting it’s fifth consecutive summer season, this year in Croatia. Yet Louise has said he is ‘the one’.

‘For me I want to have another couple of years just smashing life before kids come along and before settling down,’ she insisted. Should wedding bells be on the horizon, could Louise be the first Made In Chelsea bride? Co-stars Spencer, and more recently Mille Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor, have since gone on to get married, but never on the show itself.

‘I remember watching Heidi and Spencer [Pratt] getting married on The Hills and at the time I thought “how could they do that on TV that’s disgusting”,’ laughed Louise. ‘There was just so much drama around it so I thought I could never do it.

‘It’s terrifying. Now, I don’t know, maybe I’d be open to it. Although with the current cast, they’re all so young, I probably wouldn’t invite a lot of them!’

The ‘current cast’ of the show still includes Louise herself, who first made her appearance on the show in 2011’s very first season; and although the series still features the likes of Ollie Locke, Jamie Laing and Mark Francis Vandelli, the rest of the cast are mostly fresh, young faces, which Louise would seemingly keep away from her big day.

In the meantime, this week sees the release of her first ever book – Live Well With Louise – a guide to fitness, food and feeling happy.

‘It’s daunting to have the book come out because I’ve been doing it for nine months now, so it’s like carrying a baby,’ she said.
The reality star – who has a degree from the University of Edinburgh – wrote the book herself, but admits she had to allow the publishers edit things down.

‘When I started it I had about 45,000 pages of anecdotes. Obviously it wasn’t all used,’ she explained. ‘I am such a perfectionist and had to teach myself not to be and trust the publishers.’ Louise admits that she’s ‘used to being judged and criticised’ thanks to her TV career and her activity on social media; but that the book is for anyone out there who experienced the same anxiety and depression she felt during her university years – and that she hopes it will guide people and help them come out of it, like she has done.

‘It’s nice to think about how far I’ve come. I definitely had my crazy years,’ Louise mused. ‘I have had an amazing journey and, actually, I could have gone on and on in this book.

‘And Ryan has taught me an awful lot about fitness, and I owe a lot to him for that. I have always fallen in and out of love with exercise. This book is about having a realistic routine and realistic goals.

‘I honestly probably work out only three or so times a week. I avoid dairy – and sugar is just so bad for you. But I am not addicted to fitness. I can be lazy. I love food. I need a roast every week.’


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